Department of Genetics

Contact List


First Name Last Name Web Start Position Bldg Room Email
George Church Faculty NRB 238
Nicole D'Aleo
Senior Grants Manager NRB
Andrew Irish Senior Sponsored Research Officer NRB 238H
Emma Taddeo Senior Administrative Coordinator NRB 238D
John Aach Lecturer NRB 238


First Name Last Name From Position Bldg Room Email
Asaf Ash Research Fellow NRB 238
Asaf Ash Research Fellow NRB 238
Erik Aznauryan Research Fellow CLSB
George Chao Research Fellow NRB 238
Pranam Chatterjee Research Fellow CLS
Pranam Chatterjee Post Doc CLS
Jessica Chiang
Post Doc NRB 238
Jessica Chiang
Post Doc NRB 238
Jessica Chiang
Post Doc NRB 238
Anush Chiappino-Pepe Research Fellow CLS 528 8E
Michael Chou Research Fellow NRB 238
Raphael Ferreir
Post Doc
Raphael Ferreira Research Fellow NRB 232
Patrick Fortuna Research Fellow CLS
Stepan Jerabek
Post Doc CLS
Emil Karpinski Research Fellow NRB 232
Owen Keating
Visiting Scholar
Kale Kundert Research Fellow CLS
Erkin Kuru Research Fellow NRB
Tina Lebar Research Fellow CLS 528-1F
Lily Li Research Fellow NRB
Elaine Lim
Post Doc CLS
Ahmed Mahas Research Fellow NRB 232
Jorge Marchand Research Fellow NRB 238
Whitney McFadden
Research Associate NRB
Alex Mijalis Post Doc NRB 232
Denitsa Milanova Wyss Technology Development Fellow CLSB
Takeyuki (TAK) Miyawaki Research Fellow CLS
Michael Moret Research Fellow NRB 238
Sathiji (Sath) Nageshwaran Postdoctoral Fellow CLSB 238
Akos Nyerges Research Fellow NRB 233
Roman Oliynyk Research Fellow NRB 232
Nili Ostrov Research Fellow NRB 233
Ramiro Perrotta Research Fellow NRB 232
Alex Plesa Research Fellow CLSB
Xavier Portillo Research Fellow NRB 238
Sukanya Punthambaker Research Fellow NRB
Ana Queiroz Research Fellow NRB 238
Felix Radford Research Fellow NRB 238
Lisa Riedmayr Research Fellow NRB 233
Jonathan Rittichier Research Fellow NRB 232
Subhrajit Rout Research Fellow CLSB
Max Schubert Wyss Technology Development Fellow CLSB
Peter Smith Research Fellow NRB 238
Johannes Stein Research Fellow CLSB
Tzu-Chieh (Zijay) Tang Research Fellow CLSB
Hüseyin Taş Research Fellow NRB 233
Hüseyin Taş Research Fellow NRB 233
Russel Vincent Research Fellow NRB 238
Yu Wang Research Fellow CLSB
Jessica Weber Research Fellow NRB 232
Ben Weinberg Research Fellow CLS
Chun-Ting Wu Research Fellow NRB 232
Wenxin Xie
Post Doc NRB

Graduate Students

First Name Last Name From To Bldg Room School / GR Email
Soufiane Aboulhouda
CLSB HMS: BBS program
Oliver Dodd CLS HMS / BBS
Allison Flores NRB 238 Chemical Biology PhD program (GSAS)
Sangbin Han CLS BBS
Siddharth Iyer CLS MIT BE
Nina Jain CLS HMS: BBS program
Lorenzo Magni CLS Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and University of Pisa
Esther Mintzer NRB 232 BBS
Fawad Omar CLS Wageningen University
Fawad Omar CLS Wageningen University
Umesh Padia CLS MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Dept (EECS)
Merrick Pierson Smela CLS Harvard Chemical Biology Program
Abi Reese NRB 238
Michael Shadpour CLS MIT Biology
Zhengkuan Tang NRB 238 Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Svenja Vinke NRB 233 Center for Biotechnology (CeBiTec), Bielefeld University
Verena Volf
Bennett Wolf CLSB HMS, BBS Program
Stefan Zukin CLSB Harvard Chemical Biology program (within GSAS)

Visiting Scientists

First Name Last Name Start End Institution Email
Evan Appleton
Joe Davis MIT
Jeantine Lunshof University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands

Rotation Students

First Name Last Name Start End School / GR Supervisor Bldg Room Email
Jacob (Jake) Potts Harvard University - Biophysics Program in GSAS and HMS Erik Aznauryan CLS
Alexander Zhong Wang Harvard-MIT HST program: Medical Engineering and Medical Physics from MIT Jenny Tam & Umesh Padia CLS

Synthetic Biology

First Name Last Name Start Position Location Email
Jessica Adams Research Assistant III Wyss Institute
Mariana Garcia-Corral Research Assistant III Wyss Institute
Isaac Han Staff Scientist Wyss Institute
Jeantine Lunshof Lead, Collaborative Ethics Wyss Institute
Katharina Meyer Staff Scientist II Wyss Institute
Jenny Tam Lead Staff Scientist, Synthetic Biology/ ATT Wyss Institute
Dima Ter-Ovanesyan Research Fellow Wyss Institute
David Thompson Research Fellow Wyss Institute
Sarah Vernovsky Research Assistant II Wyss Institute